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USB 2.0 is so last millennium. No, seriously. We've had the specification since the year 2000, which is technically the previous millennium. Given how quickly the PC industry moves, though, it might as well have been a full millennium ago. Back in 2000, Intel was pushing Pentium III CPUs, 3dfx was still selling graphics processors, and Windows XP was a year away. Things have certainly changed since the so-called Hi-Speed USB spec was released, and its 480Mbps peak data rate has been grossly inadequate for quite some time now.
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by: rich | Wed 09th Dec 2009 @ 20:53:03
I dunno, we've only just got this current USB working :)

Firewire or bust, I say!
by: oscarthegrouch | Thu 10th Dec 2009 @ 14:00:21
busts all the way!
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